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Member Information
Audition Results (30.9.17)
Well done to everyone who auditioned to become a WODYS member. The standard of auditions was excellent, which made selection very difficult.  The following people have been successful in securing a place in WODYS :
Adam Bourke Benjamin Sears Emily Smith Melody Blake Amelia Young Carter Chilton Evie Jones Megan Stokes Anjes Van der Kleijn Christina Bowen Lily Sollaku Nina Davies Benjamin Darby Edward Jones-Dee Maddy Lewis Sophie Male
Further information will be emailed to those above about next week's New Member Induction session, and the programme of Autumn workshops. For those who have not been successful on this occasion, we would strongly encourage you to participate in our WODAC workshops. WODAC is our training academy which offers a mixture of workshop and performance-based training in all aspects of musical theatre. It offers the youngsters a chance to grow their confidence and develop their musical theatre skills in an enjoyable environment, and where regular feedback can be offered during the activities. WODAC usual runs on Thursday evenings from 6pm - 7.30pm from January - July each year, and we are already devising our 2018 programme. Further information will be emailed out soon.
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